Grade 6


What Home Means To Me

Protection, shelter, love, compassion, comfort, safety, security, and a chance of survival. These words describe what home means to me. I love my home and I won’t let anything or anyone change how I view this place. However, a negative thought lingering in my mind makes me love the place I call home even more.

I know not everyone can experience the luxury that I have right now. With all the global issues out there, I know another person will view their “home” much differently than I do. Though they might feel protected there, they may also think of it as a place of bad events. Though they go through unbearable things, they might still be clinging onto a reality where they actually have a good place to live.

I know all about what having a good home is like. Imagine waterproof and resilient walls bordering rooms, with elegant doors filling in entrances to these rooms. Think about luxurious furniture like sofas and beds behind the walls, as well as useful technology like sinks, electric toothbrushes, and stoves producing sustenance and hygiene. Project an image of loving parents that care about and help you through times where you think you’re hopeless. That’s what a home is to me and all of this is a reality for me.

If you really think you have a home, does it have luxuries in and about or is it the opposite? If it’s the latter, then this contest will help you. I took the time to enter this contest just so I can make sure everyone can have the reality I have. Everyone in this world matters, which is why I think everyone should experience my reality.