Grade 6

Listowel, Ontario

What Home Means To Me

Today I am writing this essay to tell you what home means to me. The first thing is I’m always loved and cared for. Second, it always feels like the safest place. Third and last reason is, home is where I am inspired.
The first reason is that I’m always loved and cared for. My Mom, Dad and Sister spoil me with love and I don’t know what I would do without them. They love me and I love them. They always care for me. They give me food, water, a house and much more. I am very thankful for everything they do for me.
Second, home is always the safest place to be because lately the outside world has been dangerous. My family always tells me to never be afraid even when bad stuff is going on. Because being afraid doesn’t get you anywhere. But not being afraid makes you stronger.
Last reason is home is where I get inspired. Home is where I get inspired to do stuff like this… to make a difference. At home, I get to make a difference in the world. It’s not just home that inspires me. It’s this contest and how you are giving 25,000 dollars to a local habitat!
Thank you for reading this essay. One of my New Year’s’ Resolutions is to make more of a difference in the world and entering this contest is a HUGE step to doing that. I hope you understand that first, a home means always loved and cared for. Second,home is always the safest place to be. Third home is where I’m inspired. Thank you. Bye!