Grade 6


What Home means To Me

My home is a place where I feel loved and safe. Sometimes there will be fights. A home is where my family and I can be ourselves. My home makes me feel loved and safe.
I know I am loved, because when I get home from school my parents give me a great big hug. another reason I feel loved when my family jokes around with me, for example my dad always and I mean always scares me,that makes me feel loved. When I am loved, I feel safe because I know I have my family and my home to protect me from all the bad things near me.
One of my favorite parts about my home is My family and I can be ourselves.At home I do a lot more embarrassing stuff than what I would do in public. When I do something weird at my home, my family doesn’t make weird faces or say hurtful things that other people would.
My most favorite part of my home is that my family is there with me if I didn’t have my family the past two paragraphs wouldn’t be true, I said this before kind of. if I didn’t have a home my family and I could get hurt but our home keeps all of us safe from the cold,storms and bad things in our world. If my house had ears I would go up to it and thank it for keeping me and my family safe.
A home is a very special place to me, it’s a place where you feel loved. That’s what home means to me. If I ever lost it my life would be a lot harder. And Maybe if I get lucky this essay will help a family in need so then they can be as happy as me.