Grade 6

Indian Head

What Home Means to Me

What home means to me

Home is where parents would tuck you in at night. Warm, cozy, and welcoming to! Where you make Not something you just live in
Whatmemories. It’s not just a building. It doesn’t just have windows, doors, and a garage door. It’s a home your home! Where you feel safe it’s your piece of the world! You have sad, mad, and especially happy moments! It can’t and it will never be a house. Everyone belongs in a home and everyone has their piece of the world!

What home means to me
When parents tuck you in at night
Siblings wish you a good night
Warm and cozy welcoming to!
Play with your stuffed animals like there in a zoo
Cherise your memories “splash” “bounce” “hooray”
Read your books let your imagination come out!
It’s not a building

Would call your home!