Grade 4

Nova Scotia

What home means to me!

Home means comfort so we have good sleep everybody wants a nice sleep.Home also means food so we don’t starve. Some people don’t have food I like to give people food if they don’t have any. Home also means a lot to us because we have family. Lots of people don’t have family and that’s Sad for them.

Also means a lot to us. Because they have roofs to protect us from the cold and the rain Some people Don’t have roofs all they have is leaves. all so They don’t have very much heat that’s another reason why home is special.Some people even have to sit on the floor they don’t have any furniture We’re very fortunate to have this stuff.

Another thing that makes home special is things to do I don’t think anybody just wants to sit in their house just being bored.I wish I could give freniger to other people
It makes me sad to hear that people don’t have proper homes.
I wish that everybody had proper homes so they can
Have a good life sometimes they don’t even have swimming pools to cool Sometimes they don’t even have ice cream pops.
Some homes are made out of sticks some homes Are made out of Leave. Some homes are very small and some homes are very big.It doesn’t matter they still homes At least some people have Homes it’s sad to hear that people don’t I’m glad to pay for people.