Grade 4


What Home Means To Me

A home is a place that is in your comfort zone. It makes you feel like a bird in the sky flying freely. When you’re depressed, a home is there to cheer you up. Your family is there, you should feel like all of a sudden there is a bright light telling you what to do when you’re stuck in a sticky situation. A home is where you are not alone, because there is always someone there to answer your questions. A home is something that has exactly what you need. Your home gives you shelter and love. A home gives you the encouragement you need to fulfill your dreams. In a home, your dreams are the most important things to desire. Your home gives you a chance to live. When you achieve your dreams, remember to thank your home for all of its shelter, love, and encouragement that it gave you when you were stuck in a lose-lose situation and your home helped you have the courage to achieve your mission.