Grade 6


What Home Means to Me

Hi! My entry is about what home means to me (which everyone deserves) vs. What I feel is the opposite of what home means to me. I hope you enjoy 🙂.

What home means to me:

Home is where I feel loved and feel like I belong. After a long day, I always enjoy coming home.

I feel thankful that I have a home because there are people who don’t have a good home or don’t have one at all.

Home is where I can laugh and enjoy the company of my family without any worries. Home is my happy place because that’s where my loved ones are and I enjoy myself most.

Home is where I feel special, thanks to my loving and caring family. Home is where my story started and will continue.

Home is built with love and it will just grow stronger. Home is where you learn the skills of life, to love, to live to laugh.

Home is my everything. Home is where my heart will always be and it will never leave.

Opposite of what home means to me:

Home isn’t the place where I feel most welcome. I’ve honestly never felt so alone.

I don’t feel loved much. I wish I could feel loved like the other kids at home.

If I had a home where I felt loved, I’d be as thankful as can be. Home is where love should overflow and never stop.

I wish I felt safer, but I guess I’m fine. I wish had someone to talk to, but I never have a light in the darkness.

I hope I’ll be happy at home one day. I hope one day I’ll be the great owner of a home filled to the brim with happiness, laughter and love.