Grade 5

New Brunswick

What Home Means To Me

My home is my safe place that I will never forget. My home means a lot to me as it is a place where I am loved, a place I feel protected. It is a place I spend my life where I grow up and play with my sister. A place where I can be myself, spend time with my family and friends, where laughter and fun times are found. Where I spend most holidays. It is a very special place where I talk with my mom and dad. Where my mom, dad, sister and me snuggle up together and feel cozy and warm. It’s where I get hugs and kisses, where my pets and my family all play together. It is also a place I can share all my stories, my feelings and my talents. A place where I feel I can speak out loud, where I can be myself and where most of my dreams come true. It is also a place where I feel relaxed, where I have a shelter and where I feel trusted. I am so thankful to have a home, family, friends and love. Again I will say my HOME means a lot to me!