Grade 6


What Home Means to Me

To me, home is a special place
A place where all dreams come true.
A place that everyone matters
And everyone is involved.

To me a home is a place where I feel secure
From the rain, the snow
And all of my fears.
A home is a place where I am free to play
And would love for all others
To have fun in this way.

A home is a place where I am warm,
A place of comfort during a storm.

A home is where you can be yourself
To explore new things with Family.

Home is a feeling inside of you
You can’t feel it with your hand
But you can feel it with your heart

Home is where hugs a kisses will be stored
Where you can express your feelings
A place to have fun and share love with each other
To try new things
To look up in the sky and imagine what amazing things will happen the next day

A home is where you can talk to family
A place to welcome new visitors
And to make new memories
To say goodnight and say good morning

A home is what God made for us to enjoy