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What Home Means to Me

A home is a place to be not only for me
But for a person in need
A house may be needed for a kid, a couple
A family, an elder or an Iroquois
For them a home is on the top of their most wanted list
A house for me , is a place to be thankful,happy and joyful
All the total opposite of crying about having a small home
Why don’t they think of the people who do not even have food to put in their mouths
Or roofs over their heads
A home reminds me of the letters I write to my parents,
The feeling of my dogs paws shaking my hand or
Even when my brother is sleeping but I could still have a conversation with him
When I giggle at my parents dancing with my brother.
Je ne sais pas ce qu’une maison c’est pour toi mais c’est comme ca pour moi.