Grade 5

St. Albert

What Home Means to Me

Home is a place where old friends and new ones can gather in a circle of life, where those can enjoy a tv show, share, care, and live to love each other. Our home is the heart, and we are the blood. Our home is a part of our family, and our home is our place to thank, enjoy, pray in thanks for our beautiful home.

Home means a place where I can relax on my bed, read a book, and connect with friends. Home is a place where when we are in lockdown, we can trust in our home to keep us safe, and healthy. Home is a place where we can still enjoy when everything else is closed.

Home is a place where we can feel comfortable, enjoy ourselves, and smell a steaming aurora of tea. Home is where we can sleep in safety, and enjoy hot meals. Home is the family member that gives us life.

In a time where we strive to find a way to connect with each other, home gives us all those opportunities of life, because home is the place that gives us that life. Home is a roof over our head that we can rely on when we need shade, or to hide from the rain, the cold, or hail.

I love my home, and I believe that everybody deserves a home to love, to care for, to respect, and enjoy how home makes our lives so much easier. Home is the reason why we can be warm in the cold, and safe in troubled times.

And that is why we are here today.