Grade 6

Windsor, On

What Home Means To Me.

What Home Means To Me

Home is a place to make memories and reflect on ones
that have past.
Home is a place that is full of love and is where I had my
first laugh.
The place where my Dad sat with me when I needed help
with math,
and my mom helps guide me to the right
The place where we make mistakes like when the vase
went “CRASH”,
But that is alright because it is in
the past.
It is the place where I learned manners and played in the
I grew up there and I am thankful
for that,
but don’t forget about your first time having such a
Home-cooked meals, playing with friends and so much more
to add.
I love my home and I hope that as I reflect you think about yours and how
We are so blessed!