Grade 6


What home means to me

What could be better than coming home after a rough day at work? Nothing. Because home is always the place where you want to be! Even if you’ve had a bad day nothing could be better than coming home! Because home is where your heart is! If you think home is just a place where you live, well it’s way more than that, it’s a place where you make memories and celebrate milestones, not just a building! Who knows, maybe even your neighbours will help you feel like you’re at home? When my sister is home sick and she lays down on the couch watching tv she always says i’m happy to be home. Especially when it’s christmas time and there’s all those fresh baked cookies in the oven mmmm that reminds me of good memories at my home. During covid I like staying home because home in a way is actually your friend. It gives you shelter and you give it love and happiness! You should never have to feel lonely even if you’re alone, just think of your warm, cozy, comfy and safe home! My little puppy helped me because once during a tornado warning I was cuddling her down in my basement and it felt like she was talking to me and this is what she was saying, “ It’ll be ok nothing bad will happen especially since we are at home!” I know my mom always says you should try and do some family fun activities, and I do, but sometimes playing and facetiming my friends make me happy because they’re nice to me and always make me laugh! Home is where you want to be at all TIMES!! If you don’t have a home/roof over your head I want to help, because I always say everyone deserves a happy place!