Grade 6

Mount Pearl
Newfoundland and Labrador

What Home Means To Me

What home is to me is a very good question, and now I’m here to tell you what it does mean to me.

To me, home is a place where I can keep dry from all the raging storms outside, where I can huddle in my mom’s arms to keep the howling winds away. It is where I hide under the blankets of my cozy bed from the thunder and the dark clouds.

It is also where I sleep, eat, and bath. I have cozy, thick blankets to keep me warm all night long, and food so I don’t go hungry, or stave. I have running water for drinking and showering, so I can keep clean and fresh.
To me, home is full of memories, joy, love and happiness, but it’s also filled with the smell of delicious foods, clean water, and cozy fireplaces to keep warm by. I hope, pray, wish that people in this psychopathic earth will be granted their one wish, to have a home of their own.

It has occurred to me and few years back that some people in Newfoundland, Canada, and all around the world don’t have homes to sleep or eat in, to bath or stay warm in, and since I have this opportunity to give people in the world this love, joy, memories of the homes that they could have, will have, I will take that opportunity.