Grade 6

Carleton Place

What Home Means to Me

What home Means to me

“Home isn’t a place it’s a feeling” Cecelia Ahern. “Home is where you feel loved, appreciated, and safe” Tracey Taylor. “Home is where your story begins” Annie Danielson. These are just some examples of quotes there are many more. After a lot of thought this is what home means to me.

To me home always means that I feel loved and appreciated. When I’m not loved and appreciated, I don’t feel at home. Feeling loved is such a great feeling that’s why it’s a requirement for me to feel at home. Feeling appreciated is also a great feeling, when I’m at home and to chores without being asked I know I’m appreciated. This is just one requirement for me to feel at home.

The next requirement for me to feel at home is I have to feel safe. At my homes I feel very safe and protected. It always feels very good knowing I’m not in danger and knowing that someone will protect me if I am. This is the biggest thing for me to feel at home because safety means a lot.

The last requirement for me to feel at home is family. I chose family over everything to me it is the most important thing. I need family close by or with me so I can feel comfort. I love my family that’s why when they are near, I feel so much better.

Those are all the things I need to feel at home. That’s what home means to me it means love, safety, and family.