Grade 4


What Home Means to Me

Home is a place where I feel safe and loved. I feel safe because I hear my brother playing Fortnite and jumping and yelling and I can hear my sisters watching movies in their room can hear my mom on her work call (because of Covid she has to work from home). I know my family is there for me when I’m sad or down. My home is safe because my house has cameras and with the cameras I sleep well in my bed knowing that I am safe with the cameras and having my dad there with me. I like to cuddle with my brother so he knows that he is safe and loved at our house. .

In my house we love to play Fortnite together as a family and it is so fun and when I say family I mean my mom and dad play with us. When I think of family I think of home and when I think of home, I think of safety and love and that’s what matters the most. Home is a wonderful place. I feel loved by many people which means I have a good family that lives in a good home and my home is filled with safety, support, and kindness. I love my home. My home has all my support and kindness and I bring all my support and kindness with me where ever I go and that’s good because home is life; it’s like a bubble, filled with people that care about you. My bubble has my family in the bubble with my house and my family cares about me and the house and my siblings