Grade 6

Carleton Place

What Home Means to Me

What home means to me

What is home? Is it a special place to you? Well, it is to me and many others. It’s a place Where I can love and where I am loved it’s a place where it doesn’t matter how big or how small it is all that matters is how you think of it. Is it a place you know your safe? I don’t know I know that my home is a place where I am safe, I can relax where I can be myself where I can be with all my friend and family making memoirs and hoping to make many more. now after a lot of thought this is what home means to me.

Whenever I think of home one of the things, I think of is comfort the reason I think of comfort is because I have all my own things, I can also just be myself I can listen to my own music and go crazy with my dance moves and no one will judge. you might not have one, but I have a comfort food. I love my mom’s homemade Spaghetti whenever I eat it, I feel comfort yours could be a sandwich maybe even plane old pasta. I also have a comfort drink I like to have orange juice it also makes me feel comfortable. I even have a comfort spot it is my bed yours could be anything like a fort a tree house in your parents’ arms. That’s why when I think of home I think of comfort.

When I think of home what else do I think of well I think of my family because they always have my back even when I’m Stabren there always there it’s not like me and my family don’t get into fights because we do! But we always get back tougher. I love my family there the best thing in the world to me we make so many good memories like when we went to Florida or when we go to all those hockey games and tournaments those are some of the memories I won’t forget, and I still want to make so many more.

Memories, what are memories are they good or bad well they could be both. I have a lot of good memories with my friends and family. me and my family have many memories tougher we make memories wherever we go. Not trying to say we only have bad memories because we do were not perfect is perfect even a thing you can be, I have no clue all I know is that we make both good and bad and its ok. Some of my favorite memories are when we watch the hockey game, we do that a lot or when we go on the outdoor rink in our backyard another one of my favorites are when we watch a movie in the living room because we always buy our favorite snacks and we culled on the couch. Those are some of my best memories.

The way you think of home could be very different to the way I think of it. When I think of home, I think of comfort family and memories you could think of something’s way different and that’s ok. I think it’s very important to be grateful for what you have, and I am but I know it’s hard sometime to see that you have so much more than others that don’t even have a shelter to sleep in. I like even when you’ve had a bad day at school or work or anywhere else you know you have a safe place to go. if you think of home it isn’t just a place it’s the best thing there is well at least it is to me. I love my home with all my heart.

That’s what home means to me.