Grade 5

Prince Edward Island

What Home Means to me

I am ten years old and I have lived in three provinces. I was born in Nova Scotia, moved to Ontario when I was a toddler, back to Nova Scotia at three and now I live on Prince Edward Island. In the last ten years I have lived in six homes.
Throughout all the years and all the change of addresses the one thing that was consistent was my Mom. She has been with me through and through; Every time I changed Guiding Units, helped me with all my homework, whenever I was sad and when I moved to PEI and had no friends but she told me to be nice and I got two new friends that day.
Most people think of warmth and comfort when they think of a home. My Mom provides warmth and comfort to me. People will think of home cooked meals, and while my Mom is not that great in the kitchen she always tries. Love and Kindness is another thing you find in a home and my Mom is both love and kindness. Laughter and joking is also found in a home and Mom and I share lots of laughter.
So to answer your question home to me is my mom; she is connected every memory of holidays, birthdays, and special occasions in our home. She is the Lorelai to my Rory, she is my Mom, she is home, and she is also Beth.