Grade 5


What Home Means To Me

My home means more than a lively bright red brick house to live in, when I think of home I think of where fondness, love, and happiness are formed and many unforgettable memories are made. Your parents, siblings, and pets can help you let go of your feelings or emotions without feeling ashamed or insecure. They are always here to keep you company during the tough and rough times we do face. You can feel a spark of joy in your heart when you feel the warmth and kinship at home with your family.
We can do whatever we want at home like snuggle in our comfy and warm beds for the whole day or we can make silly jokes or silly faces. We do not need to pretend like someone we are not, because our beloved ones will accept who you are, they will not judge you. We do not need to bottle our emotions and feelings, we can feel free to cry at home without feeling scared or worried. We can finally have privacy instead of having to be hidden in the crowd or having to take off our clothes in a public bathroom stall!
There are no deceiving or disadvantages when we are at home, you will build up an invulnerable bond with your family. You can play and have fun anytime at home even if it is a small action like making cards on Valentine’s day. Home is where I learned how to have manners and how to respect people when I have done something wrong, we can self-educate ourselves.
Everyone should deserve a home filled with support and love. We can help the unfortunate who do not have a safe and secure home or even anyone to rely on. The feeling of living on the cold, rough and dirty streets is undesired for all of us, Imagine trying to endure or undergo hunger, coldness, snow, and the hotness. Usually, we would go inside our home in the winter but unfortunately, some people don’t have a home so they have to go to shelters. They even might not have a coat, gloves, boots, a hat, and a scarf like us in the winter.
There are plenty of ways to help like donating at charities, doing protests, donating to homeless people you encounter on the streets, raising awareness or anything you can think of to help. Try to make an effort even if it’s a single dollar, it doesn’t seem much but it will add up soon. Make people feel like they are at HOME even if they don’t have one!