Grade 5


What Home Means To Me

Home is not just a building, a home is a place where your with your loved ones, Home is where you feel loved and support and home is a positive place you can go to. I am writing because I want to tell you
what is to me. Home is not just a building, it is way more than that.
Home is when you are with your loved one. For example, when you’re with your parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents, or friends you feel like you’re home even if you’re not home. Imagine this you’re with your loved one how do you feel. Do you feel happy, excited, are you in a bad mood or in a good mood? Imagine you’re home without your loved ones, does it feel empty?
Home is where you feel love and support. For example, when you’re with your family and friends you feel happiness, you feel loved and when you’re trying something new your family and friends are there to support you or when you feel sad they cheer you up and make you feel loved or even just spending time with them for a while.
Home is a positive space for you to be. This example is connected to the reason above when you with your family you feel love and support and that’s positive and makes a positive space to be in. Another example is no matter what your family/friends still love you for who you are and that’s what makes it a positive space. Positive space is where you feel comfortable and you feel that you can tell the people there everything.
There are millions of people without a happy and safe place to live in and some have a place to live but it’s not safe. Imagine this a person without a home and no food sitting on a bench and some people who have fancy clothes walking by. This person doesn’t have a roof over their head, they sleep on a bench and they might not have any dreams, hope, no memories, and happiness. There are many ways to help you can donate money to charities, you can donate the person themselves money even a dollar can help them or you can buy them food, even a sandwich can help them survive and they’ll be so grateful for it.