Grade 6

Fall River
Nova Scotia

What Home Means to Me

Have you ever imagined being homeless? I have and I have always wondered, do homeless people have a place that feels like home and what home means to them? For me, home means family comfort and belonging and that’s what I will be talking about today.

First, home means family. My brother will hang out and watch movies with me. My mom is always there to talk to me when I need it. My dad will always make me laugh. I love them all so much.

Next I feel comfortable to be myself. I will be able to look my worst without feeling judged.I will be able to eat the food I want to eat. And the best part is I am able to show MY personality. I don’t have to act like someone I’m not.

Finally I feel like I belong. I feel like I belong there. I feel like I fit in with that crowd. And then I really know that this is my home! I love my home.

Family, comfort and belonging is what makes my home feel like home. I have finally realized what people experiencing homlessness actually go through and we definitely have to change that. I think everyone has to have a place that feels like home.