Grade 6

Fall River
Nova Scotia

What Home Means to Me

The feelings, the traditions, the activities, that is what makes my home my home. Home means to me is what I will be writing about today.The feeling of home is a big part of a home

The feelings, the traditions, the activities, that’s what makes my home my home. At home you have different feelings, sadness, it is a feeling and most people have that feeling at home does not matter where that is it’s just a feeling. Happiness, it is a really good feeling and it feels good as well, I will give you an example, like when you play a board game with your family, that is what happiness feels like. Love is another feeling that I feel at home, like you love your parents or your siblings just somebody you love or like a lot. Feelings are a great way to make your home your home.

Traditions are something that you do every year on the same day for however long. The best thing about traditions in my opinion is that you get to spend time with family. I like traditions because you get to agree on them with your family or friends. They are very special to me because you do them every year on the same day. Traditions are a great part of the year.

Activities are a fun thing to do with your family/friends. Activities are very fun because you can make them be whatever you want them to. You can make lots of good or bad memories with activities that you will remember. Maybe you could get into fights with your friends or family words or actions. Activities are a great way to make a home a home.

My home is made of feelings, traditions, activities, much more. The difference between my home and my friend’s house is that my home is mine. That is what home means to me.