Grade 5


What Home Means To Me

Today I will be telling you what home means to me. Home means to me more than a house, it is special.

Home is a place where you get comfort and peace. For example, when I sit on the couch, I feel comfort and peace.

Home is a place where you make memories. For example, I do a lot of things that make memories in my home like soccer, studying and watching movies with my mom.

Home is a place where there is joy, love and support. Home is also very special for us and many people don’t have homes and also don’t get comport, peace, memories and other kinds of things to enjoy because we get support from our family, get love from our family and get joy from our family.

Many peoples doesn’t have home and they don’t know what home is because they live on streets and they don’t get support, peace, memories and love. Home is special. We need home.