Grade 5


What Home Means To Me

Home is more than just a building. It can be many things, a place, a person, a feeling, a thing, and so much more. But so many people don’t know what it is like to have a home. Today I will be telling you what homes means to me and why.

First, Home is love and support. Your family and friends will always love and support you, and you always feel comfortable and safe around them. For example, one of my homes is my grandma’s house because I have a lot of family there who loves me, so I feel like it is a home to me.

Second, home is a place where you feel comfortable to be yourself. You know this because your friends and family will never judge you for who you are, and whoever else is in that home with you either. One of my home ideas is anywhere around my best friends because they will never judge me, and we are always ourselves

Third, home is where stuff you like is. If you like cats, your home will be cat themed. If you like drawing, you will have a drawing themed home. Home is where your heart is.

Home can be many things, but these are just SOME examples of what a home can feel or be like.