Grade 6


What Home Means to Me

The warmth, place and stake,
Relaxed in a bath,
Without a mask.
Far away in a calming state is where I take my place.
I wait for the time to come
and then I see the sun.

From loving to quiet, not in a riot,
I’m fixed on the pattern, it’s not in tatters.
Home is one, with me to
Where I don’t stare or care.
I stare in a dream, I am dressing in seems, this is not a meme.

On my throne, in the zone, I drift away.
When at stake, take a rake.
Wooden toys, robot galore, it’s starting to pour.

The smell of food puts me in a good mood.
Home is a safe place, where I can go, to say no.
Home is a place, different from all, even if you bawl.

Defeat a dragon, save a princess.
The beauty of laughter, on a platter.
Nothing matters, on a rest, when you’re at your best.

Eating popcorn, Laughter for all, can you crawl?

Home is safe, Not a race. Home is one thing I love most.
Home is all I am and much more.
I am Home.