Grade 6


What Home Means to Me

My home is a place where I can be me
Where I’m with the ones I love, my friends and family
A peaceful place with no argument or pain
A happy place with no tearful rain

The sweet smell of flowers wafting through the air
Sounds of laughter from everywhere
Home looks like cuddling up by the fire
It feels peaceful when the situation’s dire

When I think of home a memory comes to mind
A memory of its very own kind
Mornings when the sun pours through my window
Or days at the lake where I catch a minnow

Home has been around for centuries
Places filled with cherished memories
It’s not only a place but a state of mind
So go to your place and tell me what you find

Some people don’t have a place to call home
All they do is wander and roam
Everyone deserves a place to be
Where their security is guaranteed

I think that you will all agree
No one should pay an unreasonable fee
For their own comfort and safety
If they can’t afford the necessities

So cherish your time spent at home
You never know when it could go
You ask what home means to me
It’s where I’m most happy and free