Grade 5


What home means to me

“Kids settle down and I will tell you a story” said Mrs. Porter. “When I was a kid, my neighbor’s house caught on fire. My mom let Ashley, my neighbor and her mom stay in our home. At the time, I didn’t really care for my home. I thought it was just four walls and a roof, but when Ashley moved in I realized how much my home means to me. My mom and I helped them build their home. Lots of people who walked by were asking what we were doing and we told them that we were building their home because it caught on fire. They said that they could bring warm blankets and a big couch for the living room. That night Ashley and I baked cookies and the smell filled the room. We talked about why we love our homes and why they are so special to us. I told Ashley that maybe we could maybe get a group of people and we help build homes for people who need a home. “The people we make homes for will be able to understand how much people love their homes”. Ashley started speaking ”you know what I have learned in this time is that homes are more than four walls and a roof, it’s where you raise a family, it’s where you get warm when you are cold, it’s a quiet place to read that’s what home really means!” I answered ”yes, that’s true I have never thought of that before”. ”Now that I’m a teacher” said Mrs. Porter “I have discovered what home means to everyone and why everyone should have a home”. ”Here kids this is an assignment for you to write about what home means to you.”