Grade 6


What Home Means to Me

The house is just where we live. Home is where the people are, the people you love and who love you. It is where you can feel comfortable with yourself.

After supper mom sometimes lets me play video games and talk to my friends. I like being in my room because we put up cool lights. My mom and dad just helped me and my brother move in to separate rooms and I like how it feels to have my own room. It is comfy and I like hanging out in there.

Some more of my favourite things about my home are playing and joking with Dad when he is home. He works away a lot and I like it when he is home because we play hockey games together and he goes crazy when I score a goal on him. It makes me laugh. I like how the house smells when mom makes supper or bakes cookies. When I am at school, I think about how good it would be to be at home.