Grade 4


What Home Means to Me

When I walk in the door, my step dad scares me and I laugh.
In my home, I have seven animals.
We have 3 cats that are named Luna, Mancat and Oreo.
I have 2 dogs that are named Zoey and Sunny.
We also have chickens, and I have my own rooster; his name is Rooster Crow.
My horse is named Flash and my goat is named Billy who we call Billy Silly.
My sister has a bearded dragon named Hedwig, like from Harry Potter.
Sometimes after school, I let Hedwig out in our house to play and run.
We have a fireplace so we go get arm loads of wood to burn.
After school, me, my step brother and my sister do chores.
Behind the horse pen, we have a dugout.
When it’s raining, there is holes on top of the windows and the rain comes in.
Sometimes, my stepdad tells me some funny jokes and I laugh.
My home is fun and safe as you can see.
I love my home and everything it means to me.
I want everyone to have a safe and loving home just like me.