Grade 4


What Home Means to Me

Home feels like:
Fun twister games (I always win).
Fashion shows when you get new clothes.
Kindness when you bake for others.

Home smells like:
Freshly baked brownies that your sis makes
Defusers going for an hour.
Cookies in the oven at 2:00.
Delicious soup that my mom makes.

Home tastes like:
Cookies and milk, while watching Harry Potter.
Ginger snap cookies made by my sister.
Biscuits being baked in the oven.
My grandma’s hot chocolate bombs.

Home sounds like:
Laughter when we watch movies.
Some really weird fights.
The tv on with church service being streamed in.
Lego clashing when I’m trying to build lego set.

Home looks like:
A fun place to keep me busy.
A relaxing place on the couch.
A puppy playing with me.
Stuffies, playing twister or Monopoly on Saturday.