Grade 4


What Home Means to Me

Home feels like eating on an empty belly. Knowing I am safe to sleep. A nice drink of hot chocolate after going outside.

Home smells like spaghetti that I just made for my mom. Pizza that my mom is making. Macaroni and cheese that my mom is making.

Home tastes like pizza being cooked. Spaghetti and meat for the spaghetti being made and eaten. Macaroni and cheese being eaten.

Home sounds like CHVN 95.1FM (the radio) because when I sleep or my mom is cleaning we listen to it. It’s a Christian radio station. It also sounds like banging because our neighbours are very loud. It sounds like our fridge motor because our fridge is old.

Home looks like a town house, around it there is a playground, a hill, some trees, and more townhouses.