Grade 4


What Home Means to Me

Home feels like:
A cozy place to sleep.
A happy place to play.
A family having a fun time playing games together.

Home smells like:
Freshly baked cookies and yummy, good food!
It smells like our dog playing with her food.
My mom taking a shower and using too much of her stinky soap.

Home tastes like:
Homemade cookies that taste very good, especially eating them with family.
Yummy tacos that makes me feel hungry just thinking about them.
Hot chocolate after playing outside.

Home sounds like:
Laughing with playing with family.
Clanking, when my mom or dad are making yummy food.
Laughing while we watch a funny movie.

Home looks like:
A fun place to play in the playroom with lots and lots of toys.
A cozy place to sleep in a bed that’s very soft.
A fun neighbourhood with a playground, a lot of trees, and most of all, friends.