Grade 4


What Home Means to Me

1. Home sounds like…
My sister singing and dancing.
My dog barking his head off!!!
Me and my brother playing Lego Minecraft.

2. Home smells like…
Candles burning in the night.
My mom baking cookies.
Me making grilled cheese.

3. Home feels like…
Playing board games with my family.
Going camping with my family at Birds’ Hill.
A big, cozy, warm group hug.

4. Home tastes like…
My dad’s steak, ribs, pork, or chicken on the smoker.
My mom’s homemade pizza.
My mom’s homemade meatloaf.

5. Home looks like…
A cozy, warm place to spend your day.
A big, sturdy, stable, strong, safe house.
A big group hug.