Grade 4


What Home Means to Me

Home feels like:
Home feels safe because I know that there are other people that love me.
Home feels warm because there’s lots of movement and laughter.
Home sometimes feels cold because the furnace isn’t working and because my sisters and I sometimes fight.

Home smells like:
Cologne because my brother wears a lot of it.
Cow poop because the men and three of my sisters work with cattle and calves everyday.

What home tastes like:
It tastes like melatonin because I take it every night to help me go to sleep.
It takes like fresh warm chicken because we often have chicken for supper.
It tastes like wood, paint, glass, plastic, and stain because that’s what my house is made of.

Home sounds like:
Home sounds like laughter because my family is always making or telling jokes and pulling pranks.
Home sounds like arguing because me and my sisters are mostly fighting, but that means I have sisters to fight with.
It sounds like cows mooing because their young are getting taken away.

Home looks like:
Home looks like my sisters and I play fighting or playing board games.
It looks like us doing crafts because we like to do crafts.
It looks like me sitting in my room reading or writing a story because I like to do that.