Grade 4


What Home Means to Me

Home feels like:
It feels happy, like when we are playing games.
It feels safe because I have my family with me.
I feel loved when my dad greets me at the door and when me and my mom have snuggle time.

Home smells like:
Dinner being cooked on the pan/stove/crockpot after a hard days work.
Breakfast being cooked (which is pancakes) after sleeping a long time.
It sort of smells like paint because we are having our bathroom painted.

Home tastes like:
Yummy pancakes and syrup going all over my tongue in the morning.
My mom’s pizza going into my tummy.
On birthdays, cake going into my tummy, which tastes delicious.

Home sounds like:
Dinner sizzling on the stove after school.
My mom and dad arguing about the bathroom, which is being painted.
Me and my sister arguing about what game to play.

Home looks like:
Me and my sister drinking hot chocolate on a freezing cold day.
My sister jumping from behind me and scaring me.
When we are playing tag outside, I would be running from the person who is it and then slamming the gate on them, giving me time to hide or get to base.