Grade 4


What Home Means to Me

Home feels like a safe place to me because it’s built strong. Home feels like a soft blanket because it is warm and cozy. Home feels like a relaxed place because I am back from school.

Home smells like cupcakes because my mom cooks very well. Home smells like oranges because my mom when to Ukraine and got some good oranges for me. Home smells like delicious food because me and my Grandma know how to cook very well.

Home looks like a fort in my house because my dad painted it by himself. Home looks like fluffy chairs because I got them from my country. Home looks like a peaceful place because at my house everybody is kind to me.

Home tastes like a lot of delicious food because every week I got a lot of food at my house. Home tastes like juice because my brother knows how to do juice by himself. Home tastes like popcorn because I watch a movie with my family on Friday.

Home sounds like my brother fighting with me because my mom is not home. Home sounds like me and my cousin playing on Play Station because my cousin gets what she wants. Home sounds like my mom cooking and my dad watching tv because my mom likes to cook and my dad likes to watch tv after work.