Grade 4


What Home Means to Me

Home feels like:
Sleeping with a fluffy pillow on a cold winter night.
Warmth form a cozy campfire.
When my mom hugs me, I feel loved.

Home smells like:
It smells really good when the cookies come straight out of the oven.
It smells really gross when my brother sticks his stinky feet up in my face.
When my dog comes out of the bath, it smells like wet dog.

Home tastes like:
Cake on my birthday.
When I’m watching a movie, it tastes like eating popcorn.
It tastes like pizza. I really like pizza.

Home sounds like:
My brother and I fighting.
My mom calling everybody to the table.
My dog barking at strangers.

Home looks like:
The whole family playing games.
My dad making funny faces.
The whole family watching a movie together.