Grade 6


What Home Means To Me

What Home Means To Me

The love and hope that lives inside my home is lively and grande. It is built into the walls and doors from families before. My home keeps me going when the going gets tough. Even when my heart is low, the love and kindness keeps it pumping with love. I must remember to give my home the love it gives me in return.

I am grateful for my home in so many ways. It shields me and my loving family from the stress outside of my protective home. My home is a safe and valuable home like none other. It keeps our family secrets protected from the outside world. It gives my family a place to keep our valuables that could be lost forever in the outside world. I am forever grateful to have this home.

After a long, tiring day, I am so lucky, as well as my family, to be able to truly relax and let our problems float away. When I am frustrated, I can part for the sanctuary of my room, which I am so very lucky to have. We use our home to celebrate, to cry, to show all emotions, with no judgement. It protects me from the rainy days and opens up to the sunny days. It shall always be a special place to me, no matter rain or shine.

Home is a special place, and everyone deserves a special place.