Grade 5

British Columbia

What home means to me

To me the meaning of home is something you can’t describe in words. It’s a warm feeling of comfort that you get when you’re home. A house is a place with a roof, a door and a room, but a home is something only you can make. A home is different for everyone, but people can agree that the foundation of a home is love and strength, the walls of a home are joy, the windows of a home are memories, the door of a home is hellos and goodbyes, and the roof is what holds it all together. A house and a home are like addition and subtraction or a multiplication and a division. They are very different, but they go together very well. Home is where you feel comfortable and calm. You sleep in a house but you dream in a home. A lot of people might think that a home and a house are the same thing, but the actually they’re are subtle differences. For example a home does not have to be made out of bricks it can be made out of leather or plastic or cotton such as a tent or a hammock, so in theory using that sentence we could say that if you live on the street that doesn’t make you homeless it just makes you house-less. To me that is the meaning of home, but it may be different for others.