Grade 4


What Home Means to Me

Home feels like a place to sleep. It’s a place to be a happy family like playing games with family, playing Risk at the table and playing Monopoly. Getting cuddled by my family. It feels safe to be in a family. To be wanted in a family and that family is safe to be in.

Home smells like pizza because my family sometimes orders pizza. We order cheese pizza. Home smells like my mom’s homemade bannock. She will teach me her bannock recipe. It smells like flour, butter, and baking powder. Home smells like pancakes because my dad’s pancakes are my favourite. They smell like milk, pancake mix, and water. My family is nice and kind.

Home looks like a tall house. It has three floors and me and my family cuddle in the chairs. The chair has leather and comfy pillow and blankets. Home looks like a good house to be playing with toys and stuffs in my bedroom. My bedroom has a desk and a shelf for my books. On top of my bookshelf is my grandma’s music box and stuffies. In my closet are dolls like my doll Cupcake. She is special to me because my grandma bought it and it is a great doll. Home looks like a great place to live. It has a basement and we all play in the living room. The living room is a place to read, play games, and to watch tv. It’s a place that we watch tv and sit in chairs and become sleepy. It’s a place to be happy.

Home sounds like fighting because my brother and sister fight a lot and you can get used to it. I want to be a happy family. Is a place to be happy and it is like my best friend, we are happy and in my heart she is my best friend and nothing is going to break it. Home sounds like cooking because it has butter sizzling and bacon sizzling and popping in the pan. Home sounds like my dog whining because when she barks she is noisy and we try to keep her quiet.

Home tastes like chocolate because my mom gave us a big chocolate bar for Valentine’s Day, like the ones in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Home tastes like my mom’s homemade bannock. I have it everyday. Home tastes like my dad’s homemade pancakes because they taste like syrup.