Grade 4


What Home Means to Me

Home feels like a nice warm hug from my family and the feeling that I am safe sitting by the fire place and I feel it getting hotter. It feels like sleeping with my mom and dad on special occasions. It feels like love from my family when I am sad.

Home smells like my grandma’s cinnamon buns when she gives us some. Pizza and movie night when we watch a movie. Cookies fresh out of the oven and salivating over my grandma’s bread fresh out of the oven.

Home tastes like chicken burgers that my mom or dad makes. Ice cream from the freezer and tasting the creaminess of the ice cream. Chicken that my mom buys and smelling the aroma it makes when she cooks it.

Home sounds like my mom cooking very good food. My dad putting new stuff in the house. My brother playing lego and trying to find the right pieces. It sounds like me and my brothers putting away our dishes.

Home looks like a safe place to sleep in and to live in. It looks like a fun place to play in. A place to watch a movie and eat popcorn and spend time with my family.