Grade 6


What home means to me

What home means to me.

A house is a building, it’s a shelter. It’s somewhere there’s a roof over your head. You don’t have to feel love and kindness, you don’t have to have fun. It’s just somewhere to keep you out of the cold and rain.

A home, a home is something different. It is not just a building. It’s a place you laugh with family and friends, a place you stay up all night with your family watching movies and spilling popcorn and candy down the sides of the couch cushions. A place you feel safe, a place you feel loved. Somewhere you aren’t judged.

A house is a property. A home is a place you feel comfortable. And can share all of your emotions with the people around you. A home is where you have your best memories whether funny or personal.

Although a house doesn’t start as a home it can easily be made into one, with no effort at all. Just add happiness, fun and love into the mixture. And you’ve got yourself a home.

A home doesn’t have to be where you live, or where you sleep at night. It’s where you want to be. Whether that is with your extended family living in a different country, whether it’s at school, at your best friends house, or at a neighbours. It can even just be a person.
A home does not just have to be a building .

I think everyone deserves a house that they can make into a home. Everyone should be able to experience all these emotions. That’s why I’m submitting this entry so that one day I can help someone get a house, and hopefully make it into a home.

I hope that someday everyone has a home, to fill with happy memories.