Grade 4


What Home Means to Me

Home means to me a place to stay. If I found out i’m moving I would cry if i’m moving to a new city I would cry because then I can’t see anymore of my friends . I will remember memories I was inside that house . The memories would make me cry I will get jealous to go back to my house. if I move I would miss my friends . I will cry and be really emotional so home means to me a lot because has a lot of important things. I will remember the times I would sleep in my cosy bed and I would feel safe in my home with my family. home would be a fun place to stay home is the place I stay and play with my. siblings . my parents and I would spend a lot of time in my home. I would do everything in my home before I leave it so I spent time in my home with my family . I would go outside. make new friends and enjoy my time at my home.