Grade 5


What Home Means to Me

You never really stop to think about it. What does home really mean to you? Take a second to think. To me, home means happiness, comfort, family and love. When you walk in you should feel comforted, and safe. Home is a place where you can let go, be who you are. No one will judge you. This is home. Do you know the saying home is where the heart is? It’s true. All the things you love are there. From your parents to siblings, pets to grand-parents. They all mean something and love you the same way you love them. During a normal week, not all of my family is there and with me. It feels a little less like home. But when they’re all there, it feels happy and full of love! For example, during Christmas time, my whole family is there and there’s nothing better than walking in, and seeing your whole family smiling back at you. I find that is the best feeling in the whole entire world. You can make anywhere feel like home! If you have the right people there with you. There’s nothing better than this, all of this is what home means to me.