Grade 5

British Columbia

what home means to me

Home is a place where I always feel safe, happy, and loved. It’s also a place where people love me for who I am and I can be myself. I have a very kind and loving family to come home to everyday. A nice big bedroom with a nice and comfortable bed, the best part of my day to see my family’s faces, and a nice and warm habitat to stay, that I enjoy.
And I have a very supportive family. They are always supportive in all situations no matter what, and they always try their best to cheer me up. I’m very glad they are the kind of people I live with, especially when we are all together. And there is, always great and healthy food on the table three times a day.
My little sister is the kindest sister that I could ask for, she’s always happy, loving, and generous. She always wanting to play with me, and is always in a good mood. I also have a dog who is hilarious he does really weird things like try to eat rain, but he never succeeds. I have a nice big backyard to play with my sister and my dog, and I have a basketball hoop cause I love playing basketball with my dad.
I really love my home and I am very grateful for it. I am glad that I am healthy and have a great family. My home is important to me and everybody that I live with, they mean the world to me, I am also delighted that we have food and clean water to drink. My home is where I live, and my house is where I start.