Grade 6


What home means to me

Home is a place with lots of space

A place with lots of grace

Home is where you belong

A place full of laughter where you could have fun and be loved

Home is a place where you could go outside with your friends

A place where you could do what you want, but not bad stuff

A place where you could play your favorite games

Home is where you could pay your bills

A place where you could have your own car

All the people that don’t have homes won’t have all that stuff which is sad

Sometimes people could not have a home

They can’t even have heat or ac only from outside

They only could have temperature from the sun or the wind

No cars, no nothing only stuff that people buy from stores to give to people if they don’t have anything

They can’t even buy anything

But one day all those people hopefully will get a home

That’s what home means to me