Grade 6


What Home Means to Me

Home means to me a cozy, comfortable and friendly place where I do as I please. My family lives in a home where it is warm and I feel cozy feelings.There are alot of things in our home I care about like family and friends. But in this cruel and cold world many don’t have a home. I feel sad for those people who don’t have a home with warm and friendly feelings.

So I wish that someone could give them a home! So they could be happy with us, and feel safe. The outside world can be dangerous and harmful. I feel sad for those without a home. So I wish I could give them a home. I might not be able to give them a home, but I might be able to donate towards a home.

Home is needed all around the world. I have great memories in my home like playing Lego with my brother, or watching a movie with my family on a Saturday night! All the things in the world are nothing compared to a warm and cozy home with your friends and family in there. So the world can be cruel to the people who don’t have a home.

So the thing everyone can do is to donate to the poor people so that they can have a good and fun home. Together if others donate a home can be built where they can see friends and family. Donating is the right thing to do so that people can have a great home and they will have those warm and fuzzy feelings of home. So that is why I would feel blessed to have a home and that is what home means to me!