Grade 4



Home is a place where I can come if I’m tired, sad or angry. It’s also where I can be free and do whatever I want, nobody is holding me back. It’s a place where I can sleep all day, play all day with nobody stopping me.

Home. It’s a great place. Some people don’t have the comfort and safety of home, and everyone deserves it. Everyone should have a home. It doesn’t matter who they are or what they did, everyone deserves a home. I think everyone should feel the protection and coziness of home. Just like I do.

Home gives us more than just shelter, it gives us a place to relax and so much more. Your home is like your castle. You can customize it but also do whatever you like in it freely. You can be the king or queen of it. My home is mine and your home is yours; I’m the king of the castle and you are the king or queen of your castle.

Home is where I can have fun and follow our traditions. We celebrate our religious festivals at home – such as Eid, Ramazan etc. This is when the home is decorated with lights and friends and family are invited to celebrate. This makes our home a special place to gather and have fun with our loved ones.

Everyone deserves a home because home is a great place that gives us room for everything we want. People can be the king and queens of their house. What my home means to me is a free space to live that gives me comfort, safety, a place to play, learn and meet with friends. Everyone deserves the security of a home, you and me and everyone else.