Grade 6


What Home Means to Me

What is home to me? Home is where I create memories like a scientist. Home is where I welcome my friends and family, just like my loving grandma would. Home to me is where I have fun with friends, like the kid I definitely am. Home can sometimes be the place where I feel all emotions, sad, angry, scared, but I know most of the time I will feel safe, loved and joyous inside my home. We throw a party and invite all our loving friends and family, we enjoy our time together, sing songs, make jokes, laugh together, eat amazing food we have made with the love from our hearts. When the time comes, we have to say goodbye, the saddest time, or so you would think, you can choose to be sad when they leave or instead be happy to know you will see them again in this beautiful place you call your home.Then the scientist in you will rest after creating another beautiful memory that you will cherish forever. After school or on the weekends I invite my friends over and we will play video games, or card games, sometimes even challenge each other in silly little things just so we don’t go insane from boredom. We laugh at our jokes or when someone does a funny thing, the love and acceptance you feel in those precious moments are just so amazing it feels almost unreal. But sometimes, in the loss of a loved one, or a mistake that has been made, or doing something risky that might make afraid, you’ll feel all these nasty emotions that you want to get rid of, but sooner or later you’ll feel safe, happy, calm in the place that you love and know, home.