Grade 5

British Columbia

what home means to me

Home can be very special to your family and you. It can be a place where you feel welcome,safe and comfortable.A house could be temporary, rented or not that important. Also the difference between a home and a house is a home is not just a place but it’s a special environment for your family and you. A home is somewhere you have lived in for a long time.
And a house could be somewhere you lived in for let’s say a month.

Home is probably the most important thing to me because it’s where my mom,my dad,my brother,my pet and me live. It is also a place where you can have family reunions,parties, get sick, play an instrument, do homework, play games, laugh, cry, bond with your family, have movie nights, game nights, do art, help your dad do or finish projects, decorate and just have lots of fun I mean it is your place do what you want with it.

A home could be a place you bought and you had to work on or fix up but once you do, it’s a special place because you customize it all by yourself. A house is probably just somewhere you bought that needed to be fixed up but you just called a handyman or someone that works on homes and houses. Also a home is where you grow up and I’ve always felt terrible for kids and people that don’t have a place to call their own home,a place to learn to ride a bike or hangout with family and the list goes on and on. And that is what home means to my family and I.